Welcome to GC Renovations Inc.

"Where quality work is already built in!"

Started back in 2011, GC Renovations Inc. quickly became a full-fledged renovation business in 2013 for the Bangor, Maine area. Once we began providing customers with higher-quality products, secured installations, and improved warranties, bids started flying in. The result is increased customer and plenty of word-of-mouth referral.

Now, the business is complete with trusted partners to ensure every job is done well and on time. What started as a hobby grew into an entire organization. Trusted partners include teams of HVAC experts, electricians, plumbing, heating and engineers used on a regular basis.

GC Renovations Inc. handles all of the contracting at each job, so the customer can rest knowing the job will be done well. Customers don't have to perform their own contracting, make calls or visit offices to schedule appointments.

From kitchens to bathrooms - GC Renovations does it all!

We'll complete all contracting from start to finish to make the renovation process as stress-free as possible. We're a company that appreciates people. We like getting to know customers when we first meet them so we can provide the best options, which leads to a grand final product.

We handle commercial and residential work, so whether you want to give a new face to your business or update your personal home GC Renovations Inc. has the skills needed to do the job. Initial consultations are free and police, military and firemen receive a 10% discount on all services!

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